They are married from...

The Spouses


Bags and clothes since she could stood up, princess inside, she dreamt of drawing Disney cartoon as a profession.

She loves the sea and warm places, basking in the sun, reading novels for entire hours with the cat, napping here and there.


Born to run, astronaut inside, he dreamt of the adventures his dad used to tell. He loves the mountains and icy weather, wake up early in the morning, sort his things, and listen to tons of music.

They both love to go back home after a long day at work, plan the next trip, hug in tight, watch Friends on TV, tell each other about their day, and hang out with their friends.

Although currently pursuing the road to become Sheikhs, they always think of their origins and their families, and any time they get back together in Milan, in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, this is what makes their hearts most full of joy.

Useful Info

The Big Day

We have the pleasure to welcome you at Castello di Paderna. The ceremony will start at 5:30 pm followed by the reception and festivities, all held in the Castle.
6th August 2021 — Castello di Paderna


An historic residence, lived and loved for more than 1000 years. Sturdy ramparts and a moat still full of water will bring you back to the ancient times. A treasure preserved in the elegant vegetation, surrounded by the vineyards of the beautiful area of Piacentino.
Str. per Paderna Montanaro 10, 29010 Pontenure PC


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From You to Us

The most beautiful gift is for you to be with us on our big day. If you wish to give us something more, you can contribute to our next travel adventure!

Intestatario: Giorgio Monteverdi
Banca: Fineco
IBAN: IT82L0301503200000003417575

Intestatario: Giorgio Monteverdi
Banca: HSBC
IBAN: AE860200000030675144001

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